Yoga on the Paddle Board
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Neon Cowgirl Attempts Yoga on Paddle Board

So it happened, this Neon Cowgirl got a paddle board, and is now doing yoga on it. It worked out pretty well the first time, but then with wind and some little waves (and wake from other boats) it was actually pretty tough. However, no matter what it looks good!

You too can do some yoga on the paddle board. Start with downward dog, which is easy to balance. It was Warrior pose that was more difficult, and I gave up before I even tried to do a tree pose. The wind was carrying me so fast to shallower water I was concerned that I could fall on a rock and hurt myself.

However, much like life, we follow what nature brings us and continue on. I tried a number of poses, plank being a favorite, and did what I could. Half the battle was the paddling back up so I could start over again. Meaning, paddling through the wind, and the waves to get to a stopping place so I could start over. (yes laugh out loud here…)

This heatwave has been amazing for an opportunity to try different ways of social distancing and I must admit I am quite happy!


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