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Do you fish, Ladies?

When women fish, it’s impressive. Getting a little dirty, muddy, fun for sporty women. It’s not always easy to get the fish you want, and if you hunt, also not easy to get the game you want. Seeing women take on the challenge of hunting and fishing is always empowering to other women. Sometimes we aren’t taught how to do these things because we are supposed to be ladies.

Are you a sporty, androgynous, risk taker? If so, prepare your home spa for an evening after catching your favorite sport fish, like Salmon, or Bass on a lake or river. Put your waders on and go in, and when you get home take them off, and get in the tub and pamper yourself.

Fish smell for day, and lavender for your evening sounds perfect to a Neon Cowgirl! Empowered, ready for anything, off-road, off-trail, off the beaten path. That’s us.

Whether you are the type of gal who wants to wade in the shoreline to find her way or dive into the deep end, finding what works for you is part of the fun. Sometimes it takes time to get into the groove, and work up to taking some challenges by yourself or with your favorite partner, but if you desire a little fun, then this whole idea is for you. Find yourself, amongst the trees, while socially distancing with some fish! Take a dip on a hot day and cool off, and do some fish whispering before you take out your rod and reel.

Ladies, when you need a break, when you need a moment, take your time and get outside. Nature will provide peace of mind, motivation, and maybe even a great dinner!

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