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What is a Neon Cowgirl?

The original Neon Cowgirl was actually a neon cowgirl. She was named “Vegas Vickie” and lit up the Fremont Street Skyline for 40 years.

The Original Neon Cowgirl

You could see her every night bigger than life in Las Vegas.
However, the original is no longer with us….

There are two kinds of neon cowgirl
(of course each girl is beautiful and unique – and there are more kinds than two).

On type of neon cowgirl is the mud caked, wrastle with the animals – the four legged and the two legged animals – get down and dirty neon cowgirl.

There is also the finger polish, white shirt, beauty queen, type of neon cowgirl.

Raising Neon Cowgirls of Tomorrow
Kick Ass Neon Cowgirls Today

The other type of Neon Cowgirl.
Is the hard charging, horse ride’n, capable, strong woman of today, living in Rural America.
She might come out at during your local County rodeos and fairs.

And some stunning neon cowgirls (Women All) ARE BOTH!
(Want to know a secret? Keep reading below.)

You don’t have to wear cowgirl boots to be a neon cowgirl today!

You don’t even have to be either type of cowgirl. To be a Neon Cowgirl.
You don’t even have to wear a cowgirl hat.
You don’t even need to wear cowgirl boots.

You just need to be Strong & Soft
You just need to be Brave & Beautiful
You just need to be Confident & Caring
You just need to be Willing & Watchful
You just need to be Kick-Ass & Kick-Back
You just need to be a Leader or Follower or a Team Player

You want to know the secret? YOU ALREADY ARE – ALL OF THESE THINGS
You just forgot.

And that’s what makes a Neon Cowgirl Today! Take Action to Empower Women & Girls

Read about Vegas Vickie here:

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