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Looking for your ideal country partner?

WESTERNMATCH.COM launched it’s dating service back in 2002, because there was a need for individuals who lived in rural areas to meet others who lived their lifestyle. They opened the doors for country western singles from around the world to communicate.  Western Match has grown to be the #1 trusted cowboy and cowgirl dating site…

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fun virtual show
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How Female Entertainers Have Dealt with Streaming Virtual Shows

This female entertainer has gotten creative with projection design and virtual shows. You can follow her work by checking out this post! Follow the link or click on the photos and look around to find more. Her projection work is creative and new, and can be streamed virtually in a live show. She will also…

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Yoga on the Paddle Board
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Neon Cowgirl Attempts Yoga on Paddle Board

So it happened, this Neon Cowgirl got a paddle board, and is now doing yoga on it. It worked out pretty well the first time, but then with wind and some little waves (and wake from other boats) it was actually pretty tough. However, no matter what it looks good! You too can do some…

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paddle boarding for fun or fitness can be amazingly empowering
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Have You Tried a Paddle Board Workout While Social Distancing?

Is Paddle boarding a fun fitness  activity? The answer is “YES”. Obviously, people of all sort of ages and in all different areas in their athletic lives are now engaging in standup paddle boarding, as it is considered both an incredible fitness activity and full body workout and it can also be a relaxing activity. If you…

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Coronavirus: How to Pamper Yourself While Staying Home

Social distancing and staying at home are becoming the new normal across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. While these practices are helping to slow the spread of coronavirus, they can also make it a bit more challenging to get in your pampering time. But even if your favorite hair salon or massage clinic is closed, you…

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Take control of your fitness and your power, ladies!

Fitness is associated with strength. Not just physical strength, like the kind you need to lift a barbell over your head, but mental strength too; which you need to tackle something like a marathon and to progress in your fitness journey. Health and fitness help to equip women of all ages with amazing tools to…

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Why does CARE fight poverty by focusing on girls and women?

Because we have to. It’s simple: In the world’s poorest communities, girls and women bear the brunt of poverty. Fighting poverty in those communities requires focusing on girls and women to achieve equality. When families struggle to grow enough food to eat, or earn enough money to send all their kids to school, it’s the…

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Social Distance and Paddle Boarding for Awesome Women and Girls

source REI gives some great info on how to start paddle boarding. For female empowerment, relaxing, yoga, this sport is amazing. We highly recommend standing up for your life on a paddle board! Ride your water pony ladies, and feel the waves of fun! You can learn more about paddle boarding here in an article…

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