Social distancing and Stay-at-Home orders look like they could last awhile.  So how does this affect your normal day to day life? Well, many folks are missing their spa experience. We want to help you stimulate your bath into an at-home spa! What better way to spend time at home, but relaxing and pampering yourself.  Stimulus checks can be used to reinvent your bathroom experience into a spa that will last through this crisis. So that every time you get stressed out, you imagine your wonderful tools and scents, and calmness that you use while in the tub, or in steam. We want to help you create a great at-home experience. Not expensive, just smart. It’s also a great way to save money, considering that at the spa you pay for staff, ambience, and overhead that you could create at home for pennies on the dollar (or Euro).  Save your money, pop into your own at-home spa with us.

Sisal washcloth

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